New menu items, curbside pickup, and new chocolate is all availiable under the Christmas Pre Order header. Website will be open for pre orders until December 15th. Select which day you would like to pick up at checkout!

A Note on Expiry

Because of their fresh nature, the bonbon boxes last 7-14 days in the fridge. 1-2 days of travel time, or gifting time out of the fridge is no problem! Just be sure to store them in the fridge afterwards and before. The wreaths are shelf stable and will last months, fully out of the fridge.

If you were looking to order for Christmas Day, I would suggest picking them up from me in person from the 11th onwards, or ordering on the website for any of the pickup dates at checkout.

Winter Collection

Winter Collection

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Orillia Library Farmers Market

36 Mississaga St W, Orillia, ON L3V 3A6

Until December 18th: Saturdays 8-12:30


Chocolates for Everyone

Kindred Chocolates is the product of creativity, hard work, and experience working in high-end pastry departments. Based out of a 1900’s family farmhouse in the countryside, Emily Watson produces colourful chocolate bonbons, all in pattern-wrapped 6-piece boxes. The flavours and colours rotate with the holidays, as well as the exterior patterned sleeve. Each bonbon is filled with creamy, soft ganache, contained in a crisp dark chocolate shell. Some contain only ganache, some contain add-ins like nuts, crumbles and jams. 


Our inbox is always open! Send an email to , and we will answer any inquiries in a timely manner!

What is a Bonbon?

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at PICNIC Snack Bar, in Orillia Ontario. Open 7 days a week from 10am onwards!


Hey Y'all!

Packaging with a Story

During the renovation, I cleaned and peeled 24 layers of wallpaper, about 6 layers in each of the 4 rooms. In total, there were 16 different patterns that I naturally fell in love with (I love a good floral print!) The packaging for all of Kindred Chocolates will aim to restore & re-use vintage wallpaper, fabrics and designs from history! These 3 are my personal favourites from the collection.